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Stream Mother Mother, Live Live!

Posted on by Brandy

On December 4th, we made SONiC history by broadcasting Mother Mother’s ENTIRE show from the Shaw Conference Centre, uninterrupted and unedited, LIVE on your radio!  That show was SO good that it seemed a shame to only let you hear it once, so right now, for a limited time, you can stream the WHOLE THING on SONiC1029.com!

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Foo Fighters – I Am A River on Fallon

Posted on by ryan.gilliland

Obviously an HBO series, 60 Minutes Feature, YouTube ads and countless Late Night TV performances is not enough! Dave and crew played I Am A River on Fallon last night w/ a massive orchestra which made things way cooler and dramatic.

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Music News You Can Use – December 19, 2014

Posted on by Bryce Kelley

Incubus reveal new music plans, hidden Jack White albums get found, and Brandon Flowers talks about his solo work.

Download [1:01] 1MB

SONiC Rock Door Guesses

Posted on by Bryce Kelley

Brought to you by Delux Burger Bar’s, SONiC Burger of the Day. Edmonton’s BEST gourmet burger.

Friday, December 19th 2014.

Kyle fell out of the chairlift of shame. Its not “Sam Roberts Band – Kid Icarus.”

The Sonic Rock Door is worth: $302.

 Previous Guesses:
Of Monsters and Men – Little Talks
Death From Above 1979 – Trainwreck 1979

Take a listen to the Sonic Rock Door:

Download [0:01] 0MB

Most Traveled SONiC Bands of 2014

Posted on by ryan.gilliland

This awesome website Songkick has been tracking bands as they toured the globe in 2014 and now is the pay off! We get to gawk at the results! This first chart is how many shows the most mobile bands played. gigsRead the Rest of the Entry

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Your Alternative Holiday Playlist!

Posted on by ryan.gilliland

December 20th to 25th tune in to catch The Garner Andrews Show ‘A Very Non-Denominational Christmas’ for the best of The Garner Andrews Show and Alternative Christmas music. For the moments in between we have created this! There is now enough Alternative Christmas songs to cover the entire season. Here are the best kicked off with all nine annual songs from The Killers! ‘Joel, the lump of coal’ 2014

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Music News You Can Use – December 18, 2014

Posted on by Bryce Kelley

walk the moon
Muse are in studio, a member of Black Keys is selling his first instrument, and Walk The Moon chat with Sonic.

Download [1:02] 2MB

George Ezra – Budapest – Official Video x2

Posted on by ryan.gilliland

SONiC artist George Ezra has the feel-good song of the moment with the seemingly effortless, Budapest. He went from a 21-year-old sitting around his Herford flat drinking beers with his friends to playing for the whole world on Jimmy Kimmel (tonight!) within just a few months. Here are his two music videos for Budapest. Also, click here for another music video for a different song with a guest appearance from Gandolph.

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Bryce VS. Walk The Moon

Posted on by Bryce Kelley

walk the moon
Walk The Moon are very much a young band. They’ve only been together for a few years and just a couple weeks ago released their 2nd full length record. The bands bass player, Kevin Ray, recently called in to Sonic…

Download [8:22] 12.1MB

- Bryce


Music News You Can Use – December 17, 2014

Posted on by Bryce Kelley

Imagine Dragons announce album details, Joe Strummer gets a new breed of snails named after him, and Green Day talk about getting into the Rock Hall of Fame.

Download [1:08] 1.1MB