KONGOS – Come With Me Now

Because there just isn’t enough accordion on the radio, meet KONGOS!  Daniel, Dylan, Jesse and Johnny Kongos (no, it’s not a Ramones kinda deal, they’re actually brothers) were raised in South Africa, and say that “Come With Me Now” is heavily influenced by Kwaito music, a mix of South African jazz, township pop, and Western house music.

KONGOS will make their US TV debut on March 5th when they play Jimmy Kimmel Live.


July Talk – Headsick

If you’re thinking, “wait one hot minute, I have July Talk’s debut album, and I’ve never heard this song before!” -  First of all, good on ya for still buying albums, not enough people do!  Secondly, this awesome new tune was one of the three added to the band’s self-titled album when it was re-issued as a deluxe package back in October.

Watch for July Talk, featuring Edmonton-born Peter Dreimanis, at the Junos on March 30th – they’re nominated for Breakthrough Group of the Year.

Mounties – Tokyo Summer

All of the songs on Mounties debut album Thrash Rock Legacy, out March 4th, were born from lengthy free-form jam sessions.  They’d hole up in the studio with Ryan Dahle (Age of Electric, Limblifter) on guitar, Steve Bays (Hot Hot Heat) on keyboards and HawksleyWorkman on drums, and play until they had the bones of some solid tunes.

SONiC Presents Mounties, March 27th at Starlite Room.


Reuben and the Dark – Rolling Stone

Here are some fast facts about Rueben Bullock, frontman of Reuben and the Dark:  He’s from Calgary.  His dad is a preacher.  He has a brother named Distance (who plays drums in his band).  When he was in Mexico a couple years ago, he met Florence + The Machine drummer Christopher Hayden at a smoothie bar, and Chris agreed to produce Reuben’s first album.

That about brings us up to date, with Reuben and the Dark signed to Toronto’s Arts & Crafts, getting ready to release their (Chris Hayden produced) debut album.   Reuben and the Dark will play the Artery on April 1st.