Getting back to work and concentrating after the holidays is a struggle, so why not give your workplace an organization boost? With the Edmonton Renovation Show coming January 27-29 to the Edmonton Expo Centre, we asked the incredible Rosalyn Lazaruk (Wicket Blue Interiors) to drop some knowledge and tips on work space reorganization to help get you started.


~ Clear the clutter! Take the time to go through your drawers, closets and desk top and rid

yourself of unnecessary items in the space. Magazines that have already been read, paper

work that can get filed, even trinkets and photographs…once we get to a clean clear space we

can add back in a little love to the space.


~ Get Inspired! I love to add a great big bulletin board to almost every workspace I create! Not

only is it a great place to get a few things pined up and off your desk top but it is such a

wonderful visual way to see your goals. As a designer my bulletin board is filled with textile &

wallpaper samples, pictures torn out of magazines and photos of places that I have been or

need to go!


~ Get Lit! Appropriate lighting in your workspace can make all the difference in wether you use

the space or not! My office use to be in the basement and I found myself always setting myself

up at the dining room table by the nice big windows. Once I move my office up stairs to a space

with natural lighting and added soft ambient light for the evenings I was much happier and more

productive! You may need more overall or task lighting in your space but proper lighting for the

job is key!


Huge thanks to Rosalyn for sharing her passion and knowledge with us, and don’t hesitate to reach out to talk home and renovation. At the Edmonton Renovation Show, you can speak with +275 trusted exhibitors, including big names like Bryan Baeumler + Sarah Baeumler (hosts of HGTV’s Bryan Inc), who will hook you up with real advice for real inspiration.


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