Welcome to 313 Farms. Located just outside Winnipeg in Anola, the farm offers a variety of exercise classes, complete with alpacas to serve as  your workout buddies.


Classes offered are:

  • Poppin’ Pacas – Hip Hop class for all ages
  • Mommy, the Alpacas & Me – Introduce your child to music and movement while bonding with other moms
  • Barn Barre – Strengthening and lengthening with ballet inspired exercises, focusing on core and lower body
  • Camelid Cardio – Get that heart rate going with choreography and uptempo music
  • Paca Pilates – Strengthen, lengthen and tone while focusing on proper breath and posture
  • AlpacaFit Boot Camp – Overall body weight-based workout




Each class is an hour long, with 45 minutes spent exercising and 15 minutes at the end to “meet and greet” the alpacas.


The name 313 Farms comes from the 313 area code of Detriot, where owner Ann Patman is from. But the best part – OBVIOUSLY – is that the alpacas hang out with you during the workout.


SONiC spoke with 313 Farms owner Ann, who explains how the farm came to be:

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LISTEN: Owner of Alpaca Farm Offering Hip Hop Classes Explains Why It's a Thing

Originally Aired: August 10, 2017


She also told us all about the alpacas, and their meaningful names. Check them out below!

(Ann describes them in the order of the photo, left to right.)

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LISTEN: Owner of Alpaca Farm Tells the Stories Behind Their Names

Originally Aired: August 10, 2017


SOURCE: http://alpacazonedance.weebly.com/
SOURCE: http://alpacazonedance.weebly.com/



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