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Archive for Interviews

SONiC Chats with Dear Rouge!

Posted on by Brandy

dear rouge with brandyDanielle & Drew of Dear Rouge stopped by before their SOLD OUT show with Arkells to chat about going home to Red Deer, what it’s REALLY like being signed to a major label, and wearing cowboy boots with sweatpants.  Check it out below, then pre-order their new album Black to Gold, out March 30th!

Download [7:60] 7.7MB

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Bryce VS. Walk The Moon

Posted on by Bryce Kelley

walk the moon
Walk The Moon are very much a young band. They’ve only been together for a few years and just a couple weeks ago released their 2nd full length record. The bands bass player, Kevin Ray, recently called in to Sonic…

Download [8:22] 12.1MB

- Bryce


Working Man

Posted on by Rick Lee


Download [8:49] 8.5MB

Interview with Hawksley Workman

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Shomi the Meaning

Posted on by Rick Lee

The purple one did show up in Toronto and it’s shomi. I had the honour to cover the launch party with Kim Coates, Orlando Jones and Diego Klattenhoff.

Download [2:13] 2.1MB

shomi: shomi

Download [1:01] 1MB

shomi: the way movies or television is watched.

Download [1:08] 1.1MB

shomi: the most hours watched in one sitting?

Download [0:58] 0.9MB

shomi: the Saskatchewan Roughriders and the NBA season.

Download [0:30] 0.5MB

shomi: the final season of Sons of Anarchy.

Download [0:43] 0.7MB

shomi: the Sleepy Hallow mixtape.

Download [0:35] 0.6MB

shomi: discovering shows days, months, and years after they’ve premiered.

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Lotto Max

Posted on by Rick Lee

Interview with Max Kerman from Arkells.

Download [14:50] 14.2MB

:33 – Halloween
1:31 – coming to Edmonton
2:06 – memories of Edmonton and Capital EX wind storm
3:43 – Union Hall and Leather Jacket from High Noon
4:56 – choosing their next single
5:47 – the video to Leather Jacket and Choose Your Own Adventure
8:27 – Choose Your Own Adventure books
8:49 – raising money at the show for charity
9:28 – Arcade Fire and Partners in Health (Africa)
10:02 – Toronto Raptors
11:17 – Jian Ghomeshi
12:19 – new covers for the tour
12:53 – cover that Arkells couldn’t do
13:54 – cover that Arkells could do

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Bryce VS. Patrick Carney

Posted on by Bryce Kelley

The Black Keys were in town earlier this week, and I got a chance to sit down with the bands often outspoken drummer, Patrick Carney. Take a listen to the full interview. Carney talks about the bands history in Edmonton, the rise of two-piece bands, and his thoughts on Rock Documentaries.

Download [14:57] 21.5MB

- Bryce

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The Black Keys – SONiC Interview Session

Posted on by Rick Lee

Interview Session with Patrick Carney from The Black Keys at Rexall Place (October 29th, 2014).

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More Mr. Nice Guy

Posted on by Rick Lee


Download [10:28] 10MB

In preparation for Alice Cooper’s appearance at the Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo, he talks about the following:
:09 – plans for fall
:34 – Edmonton and Tornado ’87
1:06 – why he’s coming to the Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo
3:00 – what he collects and nerds over
3:55 – what scares him
4:45 – Halloween and Breaking Bad
5:21 – most famous person on his phone
5:39 – Motley Crue
6:14 – Super Duper Alice Cooper
6:59 – throwing the chicken in Toronto
7:25 – break up of the band
8:43 – thrift shop in Arizona and helping out the youth with music

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Wyle Coyote

Posted on by Rick Lee

The Falling Skies

Download [8:14] 7.9MB

Noah Wyle will be making his first appearance ever in our city (and at a comic convention!!) as he talks about the following:
:08 – Falling Skies
1:06 – 20th anniversary of ER
1:54 – the cast of ER
2:20 – invitation to George Clooney’s wedding
2:28 – married life
2:45 – first time in Edmonton and at the Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo
3:58 – collections and what he nerds over
4:32 – prized item of Marlon Brando
5:40 – signature wardrobe piece
6:21 – party trick of ER’s huge monologue
7:41 – friendship with Eriq La Salle

Download [1:58] 1.9MB

Rick’s RAQ (Random Answered Questions) with Noah Wyle

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The Big Interview with Jack White

Posted on by Bryce Kelley

Legendary news-man Dan Rather recently sat down with Jack White for a nearly hour long interview. They cover lots of ground…everything from his music to his life. Set aside 52 minutes, and lock your eyes on this: