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Archive for Interviews

Story Time With Foster the People

Posted on by Brandy

What’s the story behind Foster the People’s massive debut hit single “Pumped Up Kicks”?  Watch the band’s frontman Mark Foster explain where the song came from, what he thinks of the controversy it sparked, and what he’d change about it if he could go back and do it over again.

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Dangermouse Calls SONiC To Talk Broken Bells

Posted on by Layne Mitchell

Black Keys producer, Brian Burton AKA Dangermouse called the show to talk about the new Broken Bells album out February 4th called After The Disco. I also press Brian for details about the upcoming U2 record.

Download [2:51] 1.4MB


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Hawksley Workman Calls SONiC

Posted on by Layne Mitchell

Hawksley Workman called to talk about his upcoming cabaret show at the Citadel later this month. I also managed to squeeze some details out about the upcoming album from Canadian supergroup, Mounties.

Download [3:17] 1.6MB


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Sebastian Grainger Calls SONiC

Posted on by Layne Mitchell

Will there be a tour for the new album? When can we expect that elusive new DFA album out? How does one’s manhood end up in the album art? These questions answered and more. Stream the interview here:

Download [13:13] 6.3MB


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Posted on by Rick Lee

Rick Lee and Brandy Taylor talk with James and Oliver Phelps (known as Fred and George Weasley at Harry Potter: The Exhibition (TELUS World of Science) – November 21st, 2013

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Matthew Good – SONiC Interview Session

Posted on by Rick Lee


Download [13:19] 12.8MB

Matthew Good talking about Mayor Rob Ford, his political plans, fatherhood, Arrows of Desire, the Matthew Good Band, his favourite album of the year, and European football.

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July Talk SONiC Session

Posted on by Layne Mitchell

A July+Talk+julyfriendly chat and AMAZING performance from July Talk. Plus, we find out what “July Talk” actually is… I know you were wondering.


Stream the band’s live-to-digital performance of Guns and Ammunition:

Download [3:26] 6.6MB

Click here to stream the entire interview and 3 other songs!!!

Hollerado SONiC Session

Posted on by Layne Mitchell

Hollerado joined us for a quick chat and live-to-digital performance before their show at the Starlite Room with Vancouver’s The Zolas. Stream it here, or catch it in this week’s Layne Mitchell Show Podcast.

Download [21:44] 52.1MB


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Layne Mitchell Show Podcast #223

Posted on by Layne Mitchell

LayneMitchell_Show(black)Highlights from the past week’s shows coupled with an interview and performance from Frank Turner.

Download [37:56] 18.2MB

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Frank Turner SONiC Session

Posted on by Layne Mitchell

frankturner_TDH_250xEnglish singer/songwriter/my new bestie Frank Turner joined us in SONiC’s tastefully appointed Booster Juice Listener Lounge for some friendly conversation in that stately English accent we all wish we had, and an acoustic performance.

Stream it here or enjoy it as part of a SONiC Value Meal (The Layne Mitchell Show Podcast):

Download [30:30] 73.2MB

Click here to stream just the songs

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