Prepare for the ultimate holiday season test! SONiC presents a brand new contest…




Each day from December 11 – 15th @ approx. 7:40 am, The Garner Andrews Show will give listeners a chance to play! Your chance to keep the money for yourself OR have SONIC double the amount for charity!


For each play, one of Santa’s elves will reach into SONiC’s Sac to find out how much money is up for grabs that day. The elf will then reach in again to select the charity of the day. The listener lucky qualifier will have the option of being naughty and keeping the cash OR being nice and having SONiC donating donate double the amount to charity!


Which will you choose?


Contest open to residents of Canada over the age of majority who reside within SONiC’s listening range. There are five monetary prizes available to be won: 1 x $500; 2 x $750; 2 x $1,000. However, not all prizes may be awarded depending on qualifier’s choice. Odds of being a qualifier depend on the number of eligible entries following each cue to text or cue to call, as applicable. Math skill-testing question must be correctly answered to win.

For full rules and regulations, CLICK HERE.