The Band

  • Jared Salte : Banjo, Guitar, Piano, Vocals
  • Bethany Salte : Banjo, Guitar, Vocals


  • Christmas EP – December 2013
  • Wherever We Go – January 2014

Upcoming Shows:

  • January 30th – SONiC Band of the Month Showcase at the Pawn Shop [TICKETS]


Sample Tracks:

All We Have

Beautiful Thing

Something More


Download [18:30] 13.3MB



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The Royal Foundry Bio

It’s amazing to think that The Royal Foundry has only been together for 1 year and experienced such a meteoric rise in the music industry. But beyond all of their success is an outstanding story to be shared. Bethany and Jared first met each other on November 13th, 2009. It was a cool winter day and Jared and his band the Junkyard Poets had come to play a show in her City. As she walked up the steps of the concert hall Jared was awe struck and between gasping for air he managed to utter a singular syllable to his band mates. “Dibs.”

Fast forward a few years to days after they got married. Contrary to popular belief, Jared and Beth never had dreams of embarking on a whirlwind year that would land them:

writing/producing/mastering/designing a full length debut album

5 nominations (GMA/IMEA)

2 songwriting awards (John Lennon Songwriting competition,ISC/Unsigned Only)

ReverbNation Featured Artist (April 2014)

They say the best way to learn to swim, is to jump in head first. The Royal Foundry, comprised of husband and wife Jared and Bethany Salte, did just that, they leapt into the music industry and what followed was numerous accolades awards and praise for their folk-pop album.

Jared, grew up saturated in music. He spent all of his younger years touring with his father, singer/songwriter Arlen Salte, across Canada and the USA. He then started create and record music in his early teens and won his 1st International Song Contest at age 14. To no surprise, since his early teens his pores have been oozing everything music, from teaching, to being in bands, to writing and recording alongside 4-Time- Grammy Winning Producer “Steve Bishir.” Through his musical endeavours Jared has gone on to receive over 30+ music awards and nominations. To this day, when not busy with The Royal Foundry, he owns a recording studio, welcoming musicians of all musical styles. Which have reflected in exploring his own eclectic musical styles.

Bethany, a more pronounced lyricist, was surrounded by music growing up as a Preacher’s kid. She would often sing in the Church Choir and Worship services where she learned how to play piano guitar and develop her signature vocals. Despite all of her experience singing and playing in front of congregations her first professional performance and entrance into the music industry was internationally televised. Bethany’s roots started first as a photographer, seeing the beauty in detailed way, which initially inspired her lyrical approach to songwriting. He inspiration come from life around her, feeding off her ability to capture moments with her camera in hand. Teaching herself guitar in the early teens has always reminded her of the regrettable decision to quit piano lessons; inevitably encouraging her diligent guitar practices.

Now, as the duo begin writing music inspired by their new marital life along with life lessons and challenges, together they embark hand in had, creating thought provoking lyrics, mesmerizing melodies and a charming unforgettable chemistry with all that is The Royal Foundry.



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