The Band

  • Ben – Lead Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica
  • Drew – Guitar, Backing Vocals
  • Robert – Drums
  • Leith – Bass



  • “See You Next Spring” – 2014 (12″ Vinyl, CD, MP3) self-released
  • “Close My Eyes” – 2014 (7″ Vinyl, MP3) Crude City Records
  • “Live Off the Lawn” – 2013 (MP3) self-released
  • “Meals Not Included” – 2011 (Cassette, MP3) self-released
  • “Not Running” – 2011 (7″ Vinyl, MP3) Close Call Records
  • “Lloyd Tillman is…” – 2010 (CD, MP3) Thought Crime Inc.

Upcoming Shows:

  • February 26th – BOTM Showcase/Album Release at The Pawn Shop [TICKETS]


Sample Tracks:

Shadow Dance / I Wouldn’t

Download [6:49] 4.9MB

See You Next Spring

Download [2:53] 2.1MB

Another Word

Download [4:40] 3.4MB


Download [25:53] 18.6MB







photo credit: Jesse Nash

Ben Disaster’s Bio

Ben Disaster is a 4-peice rock band from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Their songs are deeply influenced by 70′s UK punk and 80′s American power pop, stitched together with a thread of twang…always evolving, always devolving.

Ben began busking as a solo artist at anarchist picnics and book fairs in 2004. This quickly escalated into the formation of a band to further develop his musical ideas. It wasn’t long before the group found itself opening for the likes of Glen Matlock (Sex Pistols), Frankie Venom (Teenage Head), Hugh Cornwell (The Stranglers), Art Bergman (Young Canadians), Chumbawamba, and others.

A decade later, following a string of 7″ records, a cassette, a CD, and numerous video releases…Ben Disaster offers up their strongest work to date. The self-released album “See You Next Spring” captures the band’s musical maturity and uncanny street-pop sensibility. It is their live performances, however, where they truly express their ability to infect a crowd with the uncontrollable urge to dance.



Twitter: @BenDisaster
Instagram: @bendisaster


Alberta Music

All selected BOTM’s receive a one year band membership to Alberta Music Industry Association.