Host of Your First Listen
This past year, Brandy saw 178 concerts and added 87 more records to her growing vinyl collection, which we lovingly refer to as “hipster mountain”. Contact her if you want to talk music or if you’re in a local band she needs to hear.


Weekends on SONiC
Brooklyn enjoys soup, goats and the Food Network. She's never seen Space Jam, but knows all the words to the screamy part in "Monkey Wrench", so she's got that going for her. Rock out with Brooklyn, weekends on SONiC.


Morning News on The Garner Andrews Show
When he’s not delivering the news on the Garner Andrews Show, Bryce enjoys doing things that require minimal physical activity, like drinking. Or eating wings. Or not moving. Thanks to his Fit Bit, we’ve all learned Bryce takes no more than 1068 steps in a day.


Host of The Garner Andrews Show
Call Garner with your stories, your observations, your quirks and your random thoughts. He puts them all on the radio. Basically, you do all the work and he gets paid. He’s making out like a ‘lil bandit.


Evenings on SONiC
Lauren is young and still has a high metabolism, which is why she can eat a $35 family meal at KFC for lunch and still fit into those skinny jeans. One day all the fried chicken, Doritos and Chef Boyardee will catch up with her. Lauren's locked down the evening show on SONiC.


Afternoons on SONiC
Meeting Layne for the first time is terrifying because he’s 6”6 and his hands are the size of dinner plates. But really, he’s just a big softie who turns into a giddy schoolboy when he meets rock stars.


Middays on SONiC
Taylor was a huge nerd in high school. Instead of smoking, he spent his lunch hours playing chess and Scrabble in the cafeteria at Ross Shep. These days, he does equally nerdy things, like curling and playing video games. Let your geek flag fly with Taylor, middays on SONiC.