A 28-year-old guy in Scotland was at a bar a few weeks ago when a friend of his wanted to recreate a move from “Dirty Dancing” . . . so she jumped up and wrapped her legs around him, like this:


But he wasn’t ready . . . fell hard . . . and SHATTERED a bone in his right leg. He said: ‘It came out of nowhere. We were just talking about leaving – I wasn’t even dancing with her. She just jumped up at me and wrapped her legs around me.

‘I wasn’t expecting it and I heard my leg snap. When I wasn’t getting up I think the band realised and they stopped.

Gary Mackay was left in agony after breaking his leg when a woman tried to wrap her legs around him doing a dance move in a pub in Inverness

He said: ‘The worst thing is she’s tiny – it’s just the way she caught me. She’s about five foot four and she’s skinny. She’s not been in touch but she’s told my workmate she’s mortified and sorry.’