MuseWe’ve known for a while that we’re getting close to new music from Muse, now we know HOW close!

Muse announced this afternoon that their new album Drones will drop on June 9th (June 8th in the UK), and that the first track “Psycho,” will debut on their YouTube page on March 12th at 6:00pm GMT (so about NOON here!). After that, you’ll be able to download it on iTunes and pre-order the record!

The album’s first official single, “Dead Inside,” is coming later this month.  THE COUNTDOWN IS ON!  Here’s the tracklist:

1. “Dead Inside”
2. “[Drill Sergeant]”
4. “Mercy”
5. “Reapers”
6. “The Handler”
7. “[JFK]”
8. “Defector”
9. “Revolt”
10. “Aftermath”
11. “The Globalist”
12. “Drones”