MOVIEBIG The Movie Studio has been a 109st staple for 18 years and James Stewart has been part of it for 10. Unfortunately they’re being forced to close their doors so we stopped by to ask a few questions before they do. Listen below!

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:13 ‘Why Is This Place Closing Down?’
:37 The Movie Studio’s attachment to the community and childhood.
1:08 Most popular rental of the last 10 years?
1:18 Least popular rental in the last 10 years?
1:44 You’re eventually selling off everything in store. How does that sale work?
2:18 You have more variety here than most streaming programs. Doesn’t that count for something?
3:05 Any chance for a movie rental revival like what happened with vinyl?

BONUS: Myself (Stone Iris t-shirt) on the left, James Stewart on the right.