Long before Green Day were inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame they suffered through many less-than-great shows. Watch one below!

This should give hope to every musician out there.

Set list:
00:00 Going To Pasalacqua
03:31 At The Library
06:33 409 In Your Coffee Maker
10:07 16
14:29 The Judge’s Daughter
17:30 Road To Acceptance
21:28 Knowledge [Operation Ivy]
24:22 Who Wrote Holden Caulfield?
27:37 1000 Hours
30:36 Don’t Leave Me [Incomplete]
– In between the point of the broken bass pedal [31:46] Billie Joe plays a few solo songs. None complete though. They include a very short version of the intro to World Vs. World [Unreleased Song] and again a very short version of The Judge’s Daughter.-
34:25 Rest
35:31 Paper Lanterns
38:52 Disappearing Boy
40:42 I Don’t Know [Ozzy, within Disappearing Boy]
41:07 Disappearing Boy [Back into it, from I Don’t Know]
42:19 At The Library [Again]
45:06 I Was There
48:48 Dry Ice