uber puppies

This is so amazing. Tomorrow (April 30th) you can use Uber to deliver PUPPIES to your office.

If there’s a battle going on between Edmonton Taxi’s and Uber for likability right now, Uber is winning by a landslide. This week Edmonton cab companies protested “bandit taxis” by clogging up traffic downtown for a couple hours and Uber is giving you puppies!

From Uber’s Blog:


“This Thursday, April 30th is National Adopt-A-Shelter-Pet Day, and so we’ve teamed up with 3MillionDogs to help create awareness for shelter dogs across Canada. And what better way to raise awareness and money for this great cause, than by bringing some of these playful paws straight to you! Get ready to break out all the warm fuzzy feelings and go “awwww” with puppies on-demand in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Edmonton! ”



The Edmonton puppies will come from Infinite Woofs.