Facebook was just named the best company to work for. It’s because they have good pay, it’s easy to work from home and 93% of people say they’re happy to work there. It also might have something to do with the awesome perks they have at the Facebook offices.


#7: Write on the walls:

Facebook wants its employees to write on the walls. The walls at Facebook are always changing, with a group of onsite artists are in charge of keeping things fresh. Employees are encouraged to change their surroundings too, by writing messages to one another on massive chalkboard walls.

You can write on the walls! There’s chalkboard walls everywhere, which is supposed to encourage creativity.

#8: The candy shop:

Craving something sweet? Facebook's free candy shop is loaded with frozen yogurt, ice cream, a toppings bar, candy and a fresh bakery.

They have a CANDY SHOP! Complete with frozen yoghurt. Freaking froyo, yo

#11: Onsite barbershop:

Barber Anthony Camacha cuts Luke Sanwich's hair at Facebook's onsite barbershop. There are multiple stations at the barbershop, and employees can make a reservation using a digital system.

You can get your hair cut at work.

Basically, they have everything. Employees get free transportation, dry cleaning, meals, and a gym. They have a vending machine with free computer accessories (in case you forget any at home), and free bike repair. Not to mention you can literally be on Facebook all day and get paid for it.

What’s the best perk at your job?