12 years an AudioSlave
Acres of Lion Kings
Alt- J and Silent Bob Strike Back
Being Peter, Bjorn and John Malcovich
Big Sugar Lebowski
Bloodhound Gangs of New York
Crouching Tiger Hidden Imagine Dragons
Cloudy With A Milky Chance of Meatballs
Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Scissor Hands
Elle King Kong
Foo Fight Club
Florence + The Machinist
How to Train Your “Imagine Dragons”
Jurrassic Linkin Park
Lord of the Purity Rings
Pretty in Pink Floyd
My Full Metal Morning Jacket
Nickelback to the Future
Ocean’s Finger 11
Requiem for a Dream Theater
Reservoir Sheepdogs
Shawn of the Dead Kennedys/Shawn of the Dead Milkmen/Shawn of the Deadmau5
Shiny Toy Story Guns
Stand by Me First and the Gimme Gimmes
Superbad Religion
System of a Black Hawk Down
The Curious Case of Benjamin’s Butthole Surfers
The Hunt for Red Hot Chili Peppers
Tokyo Police Academy
Vampire Weekend at Bernie’s