The Foo Fighters were playing a show in Sweden on Friday and Dave Grohl fell off the stage.

All photos and info comes from me google-translating this article from “aftonbladet

It sounds like the Foo were two songs into their show when Dave fell off the stage and broke his leg. He was taken off by paramedics and mended up. While that was happening, the band did some cover songs, with Taylor Hawkins singing and then DAVE CAME BACK AND KEPT SINGING.

UPDATE FROM SONiC BOY JOE. He found this video of Dave addressing the crowd after falling off the stage (Bad language alert)


From Aftonbladet:

I may not be able to walk or run but I can still play guitar and scream. After being stripped of a long version of the band’s monsterhit “The Pretender” got Dave Grohl once again go behind the scene to be taken care of by the doctors. During the break, continued the rest of the band to play cover songs.”


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