Rogers Place will feature four public artworks. Each piece invites the user to interact with it – whether that is standing in the shade under Essential Tree, posing for team photos on the steps in front of Skater’s Arch, seeing how Figures in Motion changes as you walk closer to it, or meeting with friends at the Iron Foot Giant before an event.

  • Alex Janvier’s “Iron Foot Giant” mosaic set in the floor of the Winter Garden
  • realties:united’s “Essential Tree” at the northwest corner of Rogers Place
  • Douglas Bentham’s “Skater’s Arch” at the northeast plaza outside the Downtown Community Arena
  • Al Henderson’s “Figures in Motion” inside the entrance of the Downtown Community Arena

-www.edmonton.ca, images: http://www.edmonton.ca/city_government/projects_redevelopment/rogers-place-public-art.aspx