legendsofedm_doniveson_1200x800 Legends of Edmonton profiles notable Edmontonians and their connection to the city! This week we profile your Beastie Boy lovin’ Mayor Don Iveson.

Name: Don Iveson.
Job: Mayor Of Edmonton.
Fav Donair Shop: Primetime Donair (Millwoods, ‘unbelievable butter chicken donair)
Fav Pizza Shop: Park Allen Restaurant. (thick crust, bacon and fresh tomato!)
Whyte or Jasper: Both. Whyte for culture, Jasper for coffee/meetings.

:25 One food for the rest of your life
:45 Finding time for yourself
1:32 Our official (stolen property??) City Of Champions sign
2:32 A message to the haters
3:55 Tell us a fond Mayor memory
4:26 Beastie Boys
5:08 Weirdest Place You’ve Ever Slept