DANlegendsWITHLOGOLegends Of Edmonton profiles dope Edmontonians and their connection to the community.  Episode 15 focuses on all things Edmonton with community leader, anti-poverty activist  ‘Can Man Dan’ Dan Johnstone. Listen below.

Legends Of Edmonton Ep #15: ‘Can Man’ Dan Johnstone.

Did you know?: Dan’s ‘Can Man Dan’ initiative has helped raise 250,000 lbs of food, and more than $150,000 for various charities”

Drink: ‘A fish bowl at Boston Pizza’

Food: ‘Grilled Cheese Stacker at Delux Burger Bar.

Favourite music venue: ‘Rexall Place and Starlite Room

Most Memorable Concert: ‘Oh yeah! My favourite of all-time My Chemical Romance ‘Black Parade tour. MCR is my favourite band and everyone was screaming, singing and laughing. So Good’.

First Concert: ‘Santana. It was alright, an audience full of, like, older people and then there was me and my friend. We just wanted to hear ‘Smooth”.

Favourite Local artist: ‘I really like Sister Gray. They’re fantastic and have become friends of mine.’

Huge thanks to Dan for coming by SONiC studios to do this! He works tirelessly to make lives better across Alberta. LIKE his page HERE!! Learn more/make a donation to WIN House, Edmonton Food Bank and Y.E.S.S by clicking the names.

Podcast is below. 

Learn about Dan’s work

Santana was Dan’s first concert:

Sister Gray is Dan’s favourite local artist:

My Chemical Romance


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