Arkells - Morning Report

Arkells 4th full length album Morning Report is out today (August 5th). We went through the album track by track with frontman Max Kerman.

From the band:

Morning Report balances tales of last night’s debauchery with more sobering examinations of a time in life that doesn’t get much play in rock music: your late-twenties. It’s the phase when all your friends start getting married, your parents suddenly decide to get divorced, and long-distance relationships hit their shit-or-get-off-the-pot breaking point. But while melancholic, meditative ballads like “Passenger Seat” and “Come Back Home” provide unflinching portraits of marriages on the brink of collapse, rousing, soul-powered sing-alongs like “A Little Rain” pay poignant tribute to the friendships that help you through the tough times, and provide that much-needed shoulder to cry on.

Listen to what Max has to say about each track here:


Max’s Overall Thoughts on the Album:

1. Drake’s Dad

2. Private School

3. My Heart’s Always Yours

4. Savannah

5. Passenger Seat

6. Making Due

7. Round and Round

8. Hung Up

9. Come Back Home

10. A Little Rain (A Song For Pete)

11. And Then Some

12. Hangs the Moon




Stream the full album here:

You can buy Arkells new album Morning Report on iTunes here and of course they’ll be at SONiC Boom September Long Weekend. Tickets here

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