The Olympics have been amazing so far. From Canadian women winning EVERYTHING, to the green pool water that smells like farts… it’s super entertaining… and we’ve missed the best thing of all…

Brazil is using the CRAZY cover of Queen‘s “We Will Rock you”. They changed the lyrics, and added a couple syllables to turn the song into a list of rules to follow in the Rio arenas:

Was that “thank you all for coming… ing”? The full lyrics are here, thanks to SBNation:

Welcome to Rio 2016,

Drink your water and use sunscreen,

Silence is gold,

The medals are gold,

Please silence your phones to vibrate mode,

Let’s get, Let’s get, into it (2x)


Do you really wanna smoke,

Please don’t do it here,

Those special zones are above that slope,

Take some pictures,

Don’t use flash,

At the time focus,

On their match

Let’s get, Let’s get, into it (2x) Sing It!


Let’s get, Let’s get, into it (2x)

This is Rio 2016,

Thanks you all, for coming … ing?,

Help us keep the arenas clean,

Thank volunteers in yellow and green,

Let’s get, Let’s get, into it (2x)


Let’s get, Let’s get, into it (2x)

*Guitar riff, audience is in tears*

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