TOOLFind five fun TOOL facts on the 10 year anniversary of their Ænima below.

  1. TOOL’s first album ‘72826’ came out on cassette in 1991. It was called that because those numbers spell SATAN on a telephone keypad.

2.  Guitarist Adam Jones helps make creatures for film. Including work on Jurassic Park as well as TOOL music videos for “Stinkfist” and “Sober.”

3. The album title Aenima ‘comes from a combination of the words ‘Enema’ (removing waste from your intestine by means of a tube) and ‘Anima’ (a concept inJungian psychology which stands for a man’s inner feminine personality)’.

4. Drummer Danny Carrey used to play in Green Jelly

5. Maynard is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu purple belt. Hear his fascinating history of martial arts here

Meanwhile TOOL fans still await the band’s 5th album (their first in 10 years).

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