TandSToday is Tegan And Sara’s birthday. More below.

From Indie to Pop here is a quick look at Tegan And Sara on their 36th birthday(s).

Fast T&S Facts:

  • Identical sisters born September 19, 1980 in Calgary.
  • Sara credits Feist as top inspiration to perform on stage.
  • Originally named ‘Sara and Tegan‘ but reversed order for flow.
  • Tegan is 8-minutes older than Sara.
  • October they play Edmonton.

Some career highlights:

They’ve been performing together since 1995 at age 15.

On Mike Bullard in the year 2000 at 19 years old.

The sisters stopped by SONiC Studios in 2004 (BONUS: Garner Andrews with hair).

And came back a few years later.

Their 2004 ‘So Jealous’ album (featuring Walking With A Ghost & Speak Slow) went gold and was Juno nominated.

The girls made a big push towards pop by collaborating with Tiesto in 2010.


They performed at The Grammys and won an award in 2014.

Tegan And Sara ‘Boyfriend’ acoustic LIVE on Fallon.

Happy Birthday Tegan and Sara!


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