(Fomerly) Single SONiC Boy Chase

It’s rare as a radio host I can say I successfully matched 2 completely random strangers on the radio.  But this week,that happened!  We were talking about weird talents when Chase called in to “Tibetan throat sing” and admitted he was single & looking (hear call below)


Immediately after hearing Chase on air, Jordan texted in & said she might be interested.  So naturally, we got both of them on the air to chat & hoped for the best in our segment “Radio Tinder”!
Here’s how the call went down when we got them on the phone together:



I’m happy to report Chase & Jordan are now GOING ON A DATE!   We’ll keep you update on how it works out…  


This is Chase’s initial call that started it all (complete with Tibetan throat singing):


Here’s when Jordan heard Chase on the radio , & called in to say she was interested in him:


If you want to take part in Radio Tinder, message me on my Facebook page, facebook.com/needahunter & I’ll try and set you up with other Edmontonians! Who knows, maybe you’ll end up like our lucky friend Chase here.

Guess you could say he’s… “CHASE-ing”… his dreams 😛

(…I’ll leave now).

– Lauren Hunter