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The Toronto Blue Jays are in the ALCS, with a bunch of playoff games to go. If you’re getting swept up cheering for Canada’s only MLB team but you’re new to baseball, it can be tough going out to watch the game. When you’re surrounded by people who actually know about baseball… you don’t want to be the only one who doesn’t know what’s going on.

So I talked to Tyler, the biggest baseball fan in the world, to give you some things to yell at the TV to make it sound like you didn’t just hop on the bandwagon.

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How to Baseball

Originally Aired: October 14, 2016

Blue Jays ALCS Schedule

  • Game 1 in Cleveland  – October 14th 6pm
  • Game 2 in Cleveland  – October 15th 2pm
  • Game 3 in Toronto      – October 17th 6pm
  • Game 4 in Toronto      – October 18th 6pm
  • Game 5 in Toronto      – October 19th (if needed)
  • Game 6 in Cleveland  – October 21st (if needed)
  • Game 7 in Cleveland  – October 22nd (if needed)
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