Since 2013, Jay Parsons (Human Kebab) has been firing up his turntables & treating Edmonton to customs mixes each and every weekend. For almost four years, Jay’s provided the soundtrack to some of your favourite memories on Whyte Ave, Oliver Square or Downtown. It’s been so much fun to listen to.


In the interest of keeping things fresh, SubSONiC will be evolving. It’s moving away from a weekly show, and moving towards specialty programming. We’ll look to Jay to provide mixes for the REALLY huge nights: Things like NYE, or Canada Day, or the next SONiC Boom afterparty.


This evolution keeps SONiC & Jay’s relationship strong, as SONiC continues to be a massive supporter of USS. We can’t wait for the release of New World Alphabet, and their upcoming stop at the Shaw on February 4th.
Adam Thompson
Program Director @ SONiC

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