Somebody in our city put up this sign on their front lawn yesterday. My first instinct was to return fire. Not to defend the NDP, but because this guy is taking a holiday that brings us together, and using it to divide us.


Here’s the problem; if you’re rooting against a political party, you’re already wrong. It’s not a hockey team (I know there’s colours so it can be confusing). Root for an outcome. Politicians are just people working to make things better. They have different ideas about HOW to make things better but that is their collective goal. All of them.

Rooting against any party is rooting AGAINST our collective good. The NDP is still your government, even if you didn’t vote for them.  And even if this were the worst government our province has ever seen (decide for yourself, you don’t need my help), do you really want them to fail miserably just for the sake of one pathetic, little, “I-told-you-so”?

There’s no question, these are hard times, but it’s how we handle those times that show our true character. It’s been my experience in Edmonton that when times are tough, we hold each other up. Maybe it’s my turn. While I’m a day late, if you passed this house and didn’t get any candy, come on by the radio station 5915 Gateway Boulevard between now, and when our office closes this afternoon at 4:30.


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