Today marks David Bowie‘s would-be 70th birthday. The genius posthumously released an EP to celebrate. No Plan has 3 previously unreleased songs as powerful and moving as you’ve come to expect. Give it a listen via Spotify below and check out the accompanying music video.




BONUS: Lyrics to No Plan



There’s no music here

I’m lost in streams of sound

Here am I nowhere now?


No Plan

Wherever I may go

Just where Just there


I am

All of the things that are my life

My desires

My beliefs

My moods

Here is my place without a plan



Second avenue, just out of view

Here Is no traffic here?


No plan

All the things that are my life

My moods

My beliefs

My desires

Me alone

Nothing to regret

This is no place, but here I am

This is not quite yet”



Happy Birthday David Bowie. Thanks for everything. – RG

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