Did you know the singer for Milky Chance is lactose intolerant? Amazing and true. We asked you to come up with band names based on what you can’t eat. Listen to your answers (and read others) below.


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LISTEN: "Text me a band name based on the food you can't eat"

Originally Aired: February 20, 2017


Your texts to 10029

  • “The Fatal Figs – SONiC Girl Marjorie”
  • “My band name would be “Over Easy”. I’m allergic to egg yolk. – SONiC Boy Kendall”
  • “Death To Mushrooms” – SONiC Girl Lisa.
  • “Red Hot Chili Peppers! I can’t handle the heat. – SONiC Boy Beau”
  • “I guess my band name would be: The Walnuts. – SONiC Boy Travis.-
  • “The Banana Hammocks”
  • “Don’t Carrot All”- SONiC Boy Tom.
  • “The Granny Smiths”
  •  “Anaphylactic banana. -Nicole.
  •  A band name based on what I can’t eat? Cherry bangers. Hah.
  •   The church of no onion”
  • “Little Scampi and the Mollusks.”
  • “The Wheat runs through”


Leave yours in the comments section and we’ll share the best. – RG

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