With the Edmonton Home & Garden Show happening this weekend at the Edmonton Expo Centre, it might give you the motivation to get active around the house this Spring. But if you’re not exactly a home & garden pro, we talked to Carson Arthur of HGTV’s Critical Listing to get you some easy DIY tips you can use! Check out the points below and don’t hesitate to follow up with Carson at the Show this weekend for more tips.




  • “Gardening isn’t just for your grandparents, and there is nothing better than someone who can grow their own stuff to eat. It’s not rocket science! Throw a tomato plant into some good soil in a pot and put it in the sun. Take an empty wine bottle, fill it with water and put the cork back into it. Drill a small hole through the cork into the water. Flip the bottle over and jam it into the pot beside the tomato.  Fill the bottle once a week and reap the rewards!


  • Build a palette garden beside the BBQ for bonus points. Take a wooden pallet and flip it on its side. Remove a couple of the slats from the middle to create some space to plant some herbs. Grab some basil, parsley and rosemary plants from the grocery store. Fill the pockets that you built in the palette with soil and plant the herbs. Every time you barbecue, toss some of the fresh herbs on the heat to smoke up…adding favour to your food and maybe impress the special person you are cooking for.”


Get off your duffs and put a spring in your step, in your garden, AND in your home. And don’t miss the Edmonton Home + Garden Show this weekend, March 23-26, at the Edmonton Expo Centre.


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