Warm weather means an increase in crime.


Don’t panic. Canada’s crime rate is on a two decade decline. Despite how it may appear on the TV news we’re currently at some of the lowest levels seen since 1969.  You will see a small increase with the warmer weather though. So here is some facts and then some strategies to make yourself less susceptible.


Why two decade decline? 

  • These factors include an aging population, changing policing practices and strategies, the rise of technology, shifts in unemployment, variations in alcohol consumption, neighbourhood characteristics, or changing attitudes towards illegal and risky behaviour.


What kind of crime?

  • There is an 9% – 10% increase in household property victimization, household larceny, serious violent crimes, and aggravated assault (sex crimes included). In our area “It’s breaking into shops, stealing trucks, stealing quads, anything that’s of value, just stealing it”.


What can I do?


Lifetime protective measures proven to work:

  •  Some prevention can only come from change in social development but here is some situational crime prevention strategy courtesy stats Canada.
    • change your routine, activities or avoid certain places; installed new locks or security bars; installed burglar alarms or motion detector lights; taken a self-defense course; changed their phone number; obtained a dog; obtained a gun; or changed residence or moved.

Routine precautionary measures proven to work:

  • Carry something to defend yourself or to alert other people; lock car doors for personal safety when alone in the car; when alone and returning to a parked car, check the back seat for intruders before getting into car; plan route with safety in mind; or stay at home at night if afraid to go out alone.


Being the victim of crime is unsettling and often traumatizing. Be safe.

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