After 3 weeks of battles, Over 80,000 votes cast….we have a winner in the MmmMarch Madness of Fast Food!!

We started with 64 food items, each going head to head until we were left with The A&W Teen Burger, and McDonald’s Fries. It started as a back and forth race between the two before one of them took the lead and never looked back. The winner of the 2017 MmmMarch Madness of Fast Food is…..


THE TEEN BURGER!!!! It won 58%-42%

The Teen had a tough road to the finals. It started with a dogfight with the Baconator in round 1, beat its cousin…the Mozza burger in round 2. It had to beat the Jumbo Donair from Queen Donair in the Elite Eight, and take down the Big Mac in the Final Four.

Starting at 9am this morning we will be giving away a bunch of Teen Burgers in the parking lot at Sonic (5915 Gateway Blvd). They will be here while supplies last!

final bracket



Final Four
McDonalds Fries DEFEATS McNuggets (66%-34%)
A&W Teen Burger DEFEATS McDonald’s Big Mac (62%-38%)

Elite Eight Results
McDonald’s Fries DEFEATS DQ Oreo Blizzard (65%-35%)
McDonald’s McNuggets DEFEATS Costco Hot Dog (56%-44%)
Big Mac DEFEATS Junior Bacon Cheeseburger (58%-32%)
Teen Burger DEFEATS Jumbo Donair from Queen Donair (68%-32%)

Sweet Sixteen Results
Costco Hot Dog DEFEATS Funky Monkey From Booster Juice (69%-31%)
DQ Oreo Blizzard DEFEATS New York Fries Poutine (58%-42%)
McNuggets DEFEATS Wendy’s Spicy Chicken (55%-45%)
McDonalds Fries DEFEATS Burger Baron Mushroom Burger (76%-24%)
Big Mac DEFEATS Fat Franks Jumbo Dog (67%-33%)
Jumbo Donair DEFEATS Egg McMuffin (54%-46%)
Teen Burger DEFEATS KFC Popcorn Chicken (74%-26%)
Wendys JBC DEFEATS A&W Onion Rings (52%-48%)

Round 2 Results
Booster Juice Funky Monkey DEFEATS McDonalds Pizza (58%-42%)
New York Fries Poutine DEFEATS KFC Double Down (85%-15%)
DQ Oreo Blizzard DEFEATS Taco Bell Fries Supreme (70%-30%)
Wendys Spicy Chicken DEFEATS McDonalds Hashbrowns (53%-47%)
Costco Hot Dog DEFEATS Wendy’s Baked Potato (83%-17%)
Fat Franks Jumbo Dog DEFEATS Tim Hortons Chili (72%-28%)
Wendy’s JBC DEFEATS Arbys Curly Fries (58%-42%)
KFC Popcorn Chicken DEFEATS Dairy Queen Flamethrower (62%-38%)
Burger Baron Mushroom Burger DEFEATS Taco Bell Cheesy Gordita Crunch (57%-43%)
McDonalds Egg McMuffin DEFEATS KFC Family Bucket (56%-44%)
Big Mac DEFEATS Taco Bell Hot Sauce (87%-13%)
Teen Burger DEFEATS Mozza Burger (66%-34%)
McDonalds Fries DEFEATS KFC Gravy (82%-18%)
Queen Donair Jumbo Donair DEFEATS IKEA Meatballs (71%-29%)
McNuggets DEFEATS McChicken (72%-28%)
A&W Onion Rings DEFEATS Mall Chinese Food (58%-42%)

Round 1 Results
McDonalds Pizza DEFEATS Whistledog (54%-46%)
Wendy’s Spicy Chicken DEFEATS BK Original Chicken Sandwich (81%-19%)
KFC Double Down DEFEATS McRib by just 9 votes
New York Fries Poutine DEFEATS Costco Poutine (60%-40%)
KFC Family Bucket DEFEATS A&W Chubby Chicken (57%-43%)
DQ Flamethrower DEFEATS Filet-O-Fish (83%-17%)
Wendy’s JBC DEFEATS Fat Burger Milk Shake (68%-32%)
Fat Franks Jumbo Dog DEFEATS Orange Julius Hot Dog 80%-20%)
Arby’s Curly Fries DEFEATS Burger King Chicken Fries (88%-12%)
Mall Chinese Food DEFEATS Grocery Store Sushi (81%-19%)
Egg McMuffin DEFEATS Sausage n’ Egger (60%-40%)
Queen Donai Jumbo Donair DEFEATS Popeyes Popcorn Shrimp (77%-23%)
Burger Baron Mushroom Burger DEFEATS Harvey’s Original Burger (53%-47%)
Taco Bell Fries Supreme DEFEATS Taco Time Mexi Fries (51%-49%)
McNuggets DEFEAT Subway Cold Cut Combo (79%-21%)
Wendy’s Baked Potato DEFEATS McDonalds Pancakes (52%-48%)
McDonalds Hashbrowns DEFEATS Timbits (53%-47%)
KFC Gravy DEFEATS Chalet Sauce (77%-23%)
Costco Hot Dog DEFEATS Mucho Burrito (57%-43%)
McDonalds Fries DEFEATS KFC Fries (88%-12%)
IKEA MEATBALLS DEFEATS Sbarro’s Pepperoni (52%-48%)
A&W Mozza Burger DEFEATS Arby’s Beef n’ Cheddar (71%-29%)
Tim Hortons Chili DEFEATS 7-11 Pizza (71%-29%)
Big Mac DEFEATS Whopper (76%-24%)
Taco Bell Hot Sauce DEFEATS Horsey Sauce (67%-33%)
A&W Onion Rings DEFEATS Five Guys Bag Fries (52%-48%)
Teen Burger DEFEATS Baconator (70%-30%)
KFC Popcorn Chicken DEFEATS Swiss Chalet Quarter Chicken Dinner (68%-32%)
DQ Blizzard DEFEATS Frosty ( 72%-28%)
Cheesy Gordita Crunch DEFEATS 7-11 Taquito (66%-34%)
Booster Juice Funky Monkey DEFEATS Shamrock Shake (59%-41%)
McChicken DEFEATS Little Ceasers Crazy Bread (57%-43%)




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