Edmonton Oilers have two games remaining in their 2016/17 season. Typically at this point we know how the playoff match ups will shake out but currently things are complicated. We tried to break it down with the help of SONiC hosts Bryce Kelly and Taylor Smith. There are many variables at play but we think we figured it out.


  • Oilers play Saturday and Sunday.


  • If Edmonton wins their final two games and Anaheim loses their last game THEN we finish 1st in Pacific Division. (That would mean a new banner and potentially playing Calgary first round of playoffs)


  • If Edmonton wins one of their last two games we’ll finish 2nd place in Pacific Division. (That would mean playing San Jose in the first round)


  • If Edmonton loses both games and San Jose wins we’d still play San Jose BUT they’d have home ice advantage.


The most likely outcome is we’ll play San Jose in the playoffs. Tickets go on-sale April 10th.


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