Four-time Grammy award winner Ja Rule had the brilliant idea of curating a luxury music festival. The festival’s inaugural year was aimed at rich millennials and set to take place on a private island in the Bahamas, with the only way there by plane or chartered yacht and tickets costing upwards of $12 000.




BLINK-182 was set to headline the two-week long festival, but dropped out due to the poor conditions. Guests were promised celebrity chef-cooked meals but got processed cheese sandwiches instead. As people began arriving, they quickly realised it was more like the Hunger Games than paradise. One festival goer pointed out that the $12 000 luxury cabanas were actually just disaster relief tents.




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And for good measure, never forget when Ja Rule went on MTV to talk about 9/11 and Dave Chapelle said what we were all thinking. (NSFW)

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