It’s everyone’s favourite 6 ft. 5 rocker’s birthday! As Josh Homme turns 44, go with the flow and celebrate with these fun facts!


  1. Homme is known to friends by his nicknames. Homme has acquired a LOT of nicknames in his 44 years. Baby Duck, Carlo Von Sexron, J. Ho, Joe’s Hoes and Ginger Elvis are just a few of his pseudonyms.
  2. He’s got a lot of nicknames and even more bands. Queens of the Stone age is his best known work, but Homme formed his first band when he 12 years old. Kyuss, Eagles of Death Metal, Them Crooked Vultures, The Desert Sessions, and Iggy Pop‘s band are just a few of the bands he’s performed in.
  3. He’s only ever owned one car. Homme bought his first and only car, a silver 1967 Chevrolet Camaro, when he was 14.
  4. The theme to Aqua Teen Hunger Force was written by him. Homme wrote the TV series’ theme, and collaborated with Mark Lanegan from Screaming Trees to write the music for Anthony Bourdain’s show Parts Unknown.
  5. He has over 20 tattoos. Homme has loads of tattoos – some for his grandparents, three kids and one in particular for the worst gig Queens of the Stone Age ever played. He and the rest of the band share the tattoo “Freitag 4:15” to commemorate the show they played in Germany on Friday, June 1, 2001, at 4:15 pm. They all had it tattooed on their ribs so that it would painful and serve as a reminder of their crummy performance.


Happy birthday to one of the most rock n’ roll dudes around! Now please give us new Queens of the Stone Age, Josh. PLEASE. 

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