After years of tears, it’s BACK BABY!!!!

Clearly Canadian, the beloved Canadian bubbly, is back on store shelves & is here to stay.  Word on the street is, it’s available at most 7/11’s around town here in Edmonton.  Flavors on offer include Wild Cherry, Orchard Peach, Mountain Blackberry, and Country Raspberry and each bottle goes for $2.29.

According to the website Delish, here’s the beverage’s busy backstory:

“Fans of Clearly Canadian lost their collective sh*t when the brand announced it would put the ’90s-era, fruit-flavored sparkling water back into production for the first time since 2009. That was back in May 2015. By the following February, customers who pre-ordered their favorite bubbly water were still waiting for the delivery.”

Looks like now though, Clearly Canadian is BACK, and here to stay. HOOORAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!

More via Delish.