One of the most vocal, callus and talented rockers of the past two decades turns 50 today! Celebrate with these fun (and hilarious) facts about everyone’s favourite brother – Noel Gallagher.


1. Noel used to prank brother Liam over his fear of ghosts. To say the two brothers have a sibling rivalry is a bit of an understatement. Liam is terrified of ghosts, so Noel used to go to his house and move his furniture around to make him believe it was haunted. And by move furniture, he put lamps in toilets.

2. Liam thinks he looks like a potato. After quitting Oasis in 2009, the two have reportedly hardly spoken, but Liam made sure to take to Twitter in 2016 to inform the world of his sudden realization of his brother’s resemblance to a potato.

3. The Blur vs. Oasis battle may actually be over. But probably not. Either way, Noel and Damon Albarn of Blur hashed it out enough to collaborate on a new Gorillaz track – check it out HERE.

4. He designed his own shoes. Earlier this year, Noel announced that he would be designing a shoe with Adidas. When it came time to unveil the design – it turned out that he just put his own face on a pair of shoes. Never change, Noel, never change.

5. His greatest honour was being voted most overrated in 2002. According to Noel, winning the title of “ninth-most overrated guitarist ever” is his greatest achievement to date.

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