On August 22, Beck heads to Edmonton to BLOW YOUR MIND for the very first time! He’s been performing since ’85 and has a pretty good track record (ex. 5 Grammys), so this is what you can expect when he plays the Jubilee.


1. He’s a human jukebox. Beck has a MASSIVE catalog spanning across all genres, and he makes sure to play all the bangers. Its safe to say you can expect to see “Devil’s Haircut” and “Loser” in addition to loads of deep cuts.

2. Covers extraordinaire. Although not all Beck shows feature a cover, its still worth mentioning cause when he does play one, its awesome. He’s played everything from John Lennon, David Bowie and this one from one of his favourite bands, Sonic Youth.



3. Subtle costume changes. Beck isn’t big on theatrics, but his persona does change with each song he plays. While playing songs from his most recent album, Morning Phase, he can be seen in a simple jacket and brimmed hat, but as soon as he launches into songs from Midnite Vulture or Guero, he struts out in a leather jacket ready to rock.

4. Beck just wants to have fun. After suffering a spinal injury in 2005, he wasn’t sure if he’d be able to move the same way again. Luckily for him – and you – he healed right up and busts out all his old moves.

5. Surreal performances. Beck is at the top of a lot of people’s concert bucket list for a reason. On stage, his performances are legendary – just like his epic music videos. Check out this one for “Girl”, which was inspired by MAD magazine.



Get tickets and more info about Beck’s YEG debut HERE.



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