Edmonton loves the outdoors, sports and beer. Combine those with one of the greatest sporting events and you’ve got a reason to party!


The city recently announced that Edmonton will host the 2018 Grey Cup. Since 1954, he Eskimos have won 14 Grey Cups, most recently in 2015. They also hold a North American professional sports record by qualifying for the playoffs for 34 consecutive years between 1972 and 2005 – that’s ludicrous!


Previous Grey Cups were held at Commonwealth in 1984, 1997, 2002 and 2010, drawing crowds of over 60, 000 people each year.


Co-chairman Dough Goss said this about Edmonton team loyalty,

“There was just so much energy. People were walking around and couldn’t wipe the grins off their faces. I’ve never seen it so infectious and contagious. It was just so much fun.”

Tickets will range between $98-$250.

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