Edmontonians LOVES Arcade Fire. They’re even our mayor’s favourite band! Get pumped for their return to Edmonton – tickets go on sale Friday, June 9!


1. They first played Red’s in Edmonton on October 4, 2005. Just over a decade later, and now they’re set to headline the new barn. Check out their set list HERE.

2. Dave Grohl is a mega fan. When Arcade Fire won the Grammy for Album of the Year for 2011’s The Suburbs, Dave Grohl texted Win Butler a big congrats. He and the rest of the Foo also covered “Keep The Car Running” at the BBC in 2008.


3. Immediately after they won, #WhoIsArcadeFire started trending. Up until their big win, they were indie sweethearts who were still pretty much underground. That all changed in just one night!

4. They play a hurdy gurdy. When they take the stage, they whip out all of the most bizarre instruments including panpipes, glockenspiels, and something called a gadulka.

5. Album details will be unveiled on Reddit. Win Butler will host a Reddit AMA on Saturday June 17 talking about the album. THE SUSPENSE!


Tickets go on sale Friday, June 9. Get them HERE.

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