Tool is back! In Edmonton, no new music. Not yet. Not sure if ever. It’s been 4060 days since they released their last album “10, 000 Days”. Here’s some things that took approximately the same amount of time.


1. That’s longer than King Tut’s reign. The Pharaoh of the 18th dynasty began his reign in 1333 BCE when he was 8 years old. He was in power for 3000 days, ending his reign at 16.

2. You could have birthed 14.9 babies. So many diapers.

Your face with no new Tool.
Your face with no new Tool.


3. Two and a half times as long as WWI. Disheartening.

4. 3.5078e+8 seconds. That’s a lot of seconds, Maynard.

5. Not quite enough time for Saturn to fully orbit the sun. The album’s title refers to the orbital period of Saturn. We’re about halfway there! WOO!


Not sure what to expect at their show? Check recent set lists HERE.



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