Canada is turning 150 years old. We all LOVE this country. There is no debate about that. Over the past several days we have made a list of the 150 Most Canadian Things In Canada. Here they are, in no particular order.

– The Littlest Hobo
– Losing a puck in a snow bank while playing hockey outside
– Riders Fans
– Don Cherry
– BodyBreak/Hal and Joanne
– Wearing a parka with your halloween costume
– Hinterland who’s who
– Log Drivers Waltz
– The Friendly giant
– Mr Dressup

– Wearing a toque under a hockey helmet
– Naniamo bars
– Wayne Gretzky
– Gord Downie/Tragically Hip
– Helping someone get their car out of a snowbank
– Missing School for a Snow Day
– Tim Hortons
– Rush
– Poutine
– Maple syrup

– Skiing in Jeans
– Anne Murray
– Wearing shorts when there is snow on the ground
– Ceasers
– Milk in a bag
– Canadian Tire Money
– Heritage Minutes
– Michael J Fox
– “Dont Put It In Your Mouth” song
– Yelling ‘Car’ while playing street hockey

– All Dressed Chips
– Block Heaters
– Ketchup Chips
– Terry Fox
– The Robertson Screw
– Hawkins Cheesies
– That time the CFL had two Roughrider teams
– Wearing a touque in the summer
– Timbits
– Bob and Doug McKenzie

– John Candy
– “Eh”
– Saying sorry for things you arent sorry for
– Fred Penner
– The RCMP
– Block heater extension cord wrapped around side mirror
– driving in a convertible (top down) when its +5
– The Loonie & Toonie
– Degrassi
– Beachcombers

– Blue Rodeo
– Kids In The Hall
– Neil Young
– Smarties
– Canadian Bacon
– Shoveling the driveway 4 times in a single day
– The Grey Cup
– Butter Tarts
– Banff and Jasper
– Kraft Dinner

– Canadian Tuxedo
– Molson
– Swiss Chalet Sauce
– Screaming at a ref for a missed offside
– Turning the heat and Air Conditioning on during the same day
– Canoeing
– Roll Up The Rim
– Speaking limited French
– The Brier/Scotties

– Pronouncing it ‘Zed’
– keeping the ‘U’ in words like Colour and Honour
– The Hudson Bay Company
– Bryan Adams
– Trailer Park Boys
– This Hour Has 22 Minutes
– Alan Thicke
– Learning how to portage a canoe
– Tom Cochrane
– Thanksgiving in October

– The Metric system
– Feeling bad about how loud scraping the window is at 5am
– Driving the kids to hockey at 6am/playing beer league at 11pm
– The Guess Who
– “Newfie Steak” aka Fried Bologna
– Using ‘the Canadian freezer’ at a house party (keeping beer on the deck)
– Mike Myers
– Keeping the snow tires on 8 months a year
– Proudly bragging that we invented basketball
– Chris Hadfield

– Having your neighbour snowblow your driveway
– OgoPogo
– Making fun of Saskatchewan for calling it a bunnyhug
– Gordon Lightfoot
– Debating whether its called a cabin or a cottage
– Camping on May-Long whether its snowing or not
– Referring to Toronto as the centre of the universe
– Doing a shot of Screech
– Having 2 national sports
– Leonard Cohen

– 2 national languages
– Having a pair of indoor shoes at school
– Vinegar on fries
– Loverboy
– Complaining about how Much Music doenst play much music
– Having an embarrassingly bad mens soccer team
– Barenaked Ladies
– Putting on your hockey equipment at home before going to the arena
– That time a guy drove a Zamboni through a Tim’s drive thru
– Police stopping traffic to help geese/ducks cross a road

– Wheat Kings
– Putting plastic bags in boots to keep feet dry
– The strings attached to mittens
– Free Health Care
– Looking out your window at 11pm and its still light out
– A picture of the queen hanging in a hockey rink
– Every city claiming “Dont like the weather? Wait 15 minutes”
– 12 hours coverage of the NHL trade deadline
– The Golden Goal
– Red Green

– Drinking a slurpee when its -20 outside
– The Canadian Fitness test
– Maple Taffy….that thing where you boil Maple Syrup and pour it on snow
– Calling it a ‘Chesterfield’
– Windshield washer fluid that is good to -45
– The Canadian Tire family that nobody liked
– Everyone knows what Paul Henderson did in 1972
– Talking down to Americans about their weak beer
– We know who won the war of 1812. We know.
– We invented the Walkie-Talkie. You’re welcome, earth.

– Going out sleddin’
– Joe Carter’s home run
– Having the biggest mall in North America…WITH the worlds biggest parking lot
– We don’t waste our time with pennies anymore
– The Confederation Bridge
– Wolverine is Canadian. Bet you didnt know that.
– The town of Mundare has a giant sausage statue
– The Olympics in 1976, 1988 and 2010.
– The worlds longest coastline
– The largest hockey stick in the world is in Duncan BC

– Hawaiian Pizza was actually invented in Canada.
– The two most handsome Ryan’s on earth. Gosling & Reynolds
– Talking about how much nicer the Canadian side of Niagara Falls is
– The Battle of Vimy Ridge
– Pilsner
– Shania Twain
– Drying wet boots & mitts on the heat register
– Kicking the block of ice out of your wheel well
– Talking about how lame the Calgary Stampede is….but going anyway
– The Toonie Bar at a wedding

– Bryce

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