The artificial intelligence is coming! The artificial intelligence is coming!


Google’s DeepMind company announced yesterday that they are setting up shop in your very own City of Champions. Formally only based in the UK, the company’s move to Edmonton will be their first in North America.  The company will be working closely with three professors from the U of A.


“We’ve been one of the best AI research centres in the world for more than 10 years. The academic world knows this, but the business community doesn’t. The DeepMind announcement puts us on the map in a big way. It’s going to wake up a lot of people.”

– Dean Jonathan Schaeffer, an AI pioneer himself.



But as cool as this is, SONiC Boy Billy is not easy persuaded…

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LISTEN: SONiC Boy Billy Not Easily Persuaded By Robots

Originally Aired: July 6, 2017



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