Despite his looks, Beck turns 47 today! In celebration, here are some fun facts that’ll make you say WOW.

1. Beck was born Bek David Campbell to Canadian-composer David Campell and actress/musician Bibbe Hansen.

2. His dad is a composer from Toronto that has worked on hundreds of soundtracks and albums, including

     Muse, Linkin Park, Green Day and Radiohead.


Here he is without his son, but with Josh Groban and Flea.

3. His mom is from New York and was a participant in the Andy Warhol Factory, appearing in six films.

4. Although his Catholic grandparents helped raise him, Beck and his father are devout Scientologists.

5. After dropping out of the ninth grade and a failed move to New York City at 19,

     Beck released “Loser” as a single, with only 500 printed copies.



6. Beck described the surprise success of the song as “surfing in some oil spillage“.

7. In 2004, Beck married Marissa Rubisi, aka Cynthia from Dazed and Confused.



He won’t ~go it alone~.

8. Her twin brother is Giovanni Rubisi. Beck’s mother Bibbe delivered them when they were born.

9. In 2005 Beck played in Tenacious D’s Tsunami Relief at The Wiltern benefit concert alongside Josh Homme,

      Dave Grohl, Eddie Vedder and Will Ferrell – simultaneously giving us this AMAZING photo.


10. At age 16 Beck discovered Sonic Youth. At age 23 he sat down with Sonic Youth frontman Thurston Moore

to give us this memorable interview.

Happy Birthday, Beck! Stay wonderful, youthful and bizarre.

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