One of Edmonton’s most impressive and wacky festivals is BACK! Street Performers returns to Churchill Square July 7-16 for the 32nd year – here’s what you’ve gotta know.


Edmonton International Street Performers Festival

July 7-16, 2017

11:30AM-10PM daily

Sunday, July 16: 11:30AM-5PM only

Sir Churchill Square, Edmonton


1. Catalyst for all YEG festivals. In 1981, Sheldon Wilner and Dick Finkel created “Summerfest”, an initiative featuring a collection of cultural events aimed to make Edmonton summers more interesting. Most Edmonton festivals, including Street Performers, can be traced back to Summerfest.

2. First in Canada. In 1985, Wilner and Finkel hosted the inaugural Street Performers Festival. It was the first of its kind in the country, with 20 performers.


3. Three decades in Churchill. This year, the festival is celebrating its 30th year in Churchill Square.

4. International recognition. Each year, the festival attracts artists from all over the world. Expect to see performers from New Zealand, California, England and more at this year’s event.

5. High-profile performers. The festival has attracted some impressive names over the years, including famous high-wire performer Philippe Petite and Cirque du Soleil clown Michael Hancok.


6. Fun for all ages. The festival describes itself as “the ultimate playground for the young and old”, and they’e right! The festival caters to guests of all ages. Kids can visit the Kids’ World activity zone where they can take part activities, performances and interactive playtime. Kids’ World is open from 11:30-6PM daily.

7. Late night fun. Once the festival ends, adults can follow the party to Stanley A. Milner Library for the after-hours cabaret show! The event is 18+, get tickets HERE.Come hungry. The city’s best food trucks are always on hand to keep you full of green onion cakes and smiles.

8. Come hungry. The city’s best food trucks are always on hand to keep you full of green onion cakes and smiles.


9. Donations are appreciated! Nearly all of the artists that perform at the festival do it because they’re passionate about their craft – they don’t do it for the money. After each performance donations will be welcome to help the artists continue performing. You can donate to the festival itself HERE.

10. Follow along on the app! This year, the festival is offering an app to keep up with all the performances, transportation, weather and more! Click to download iOS and Android.


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