The new season of Game of Thrones begins on Sunday. Without question its the biggest show on TV, and thus has the biggest and most vocal fan base of anything on TV. Its at the point where its getting pretty obnoxious. As such we have created a list of the Top 10 Most Obnoxious Fan Bases. It doesnt mean the subject itself is bad, just the obnoxiousness of the fan base.


10) Adult Fans of Lego – Yes, Lego is great for stimulating a child’s imagination. Yes, its a timeless toy we all loved as kids…BUT Lego culture has exploded to almost annoying levels. Dedicated stores that are always packed. Lineups for new editions. If you know 1 person on Facebook that loves Lego, you know that they never shut up about it.

9) Vinyl – Oh, you collect vinyl? How interesting….. Like Lego, the market for vinyl albums has blown up over the last few years. Some simply love collecting rare copies of their favourite music, and that’s cool…but some people getting crazy about it. They will talk until they are blue in the face about how vinyl has a richer and deeper sound. Does it? I don’t hear it. Play me a CD, or an MP3 it doesnt matter….but if you tell a vinyl fan that…get ready for a 30 minute conversation you’ll never get away from.

8) U2 – You cant deny how much success that band has had, and sustained for decades…but my god, their fans. Any chance they get to talk about U2, they’ll take it and run with it for what feels like hours. We get it, Joshua Tree is a big album. We get it, they are industry leaders when it comes to live shows. We get it, they’ve been together forever. WE GET IT! The only thing more obnoxious than a U2 fan, is a U2 hater. Hating on Bono’s glasses or how pretentious he appears. We get it!!!!

7) Toronto Maple Leafs – Fans of the Maple Leafs are unbearable. They assume that because they are from Canada’s biggest city they are Canada’s most popular hockey team, and maybe that’s true…but at the same time they are easily the most hated team. Media coverage for that team is near Justin Bieber levels. A player gets the sniffles and it gets 9 hours of coverage. You know what’s not interesting to anyone outside of the GTA? How the Maple Leafs havent won a cup since 1967! Any move that team makes is suddenly the most brilliant move any team has ever made in the history of pro sports.

6) Craft Beer/Wine/Scotch –  I love a good craft beer, but people who really love it? forget it. They break down where the grains are from, the IBU’s, the boring history of the brewrey. Most people just want a beer that tastes good, not a 20 minute lecture on the conditions of the top soil where the wheat comes from. Same goes for wine fans. Oh, you detect hints of chocolate and pine? I detect hints of BS.  And have you ever told a scotch drinker that you can’t get into that drink? They act like you just murdered their pet. Most of us love a nice drink as a means to unwind….but the second you start babbling about the fermentation process or which way the grapes faced on the vine…you become obnoxious.

5) Game Of Thrones – You know it had to be on the list. I watch it too, it is a fine, fine show…but the people who are reeeeeeeaaaaallly into it?!?! Mercy. If you havent watched it, and tell a fan that….you may as well forget your plans for the rest of the day because they are going to tell you all the reasons why its amazing. Yes, Jon Snow is a cool guy. Yes it was sad what happened to Hodor, and the Red Wedding was crazy. Where people get really obnoxious with it, are those who go ‘pfffff, the books are way better.’ Really? because the show has violence and nudity. And you may as well avoid Twitter and Facebook on Sunday nights…because that is all anyone is talking about.

4) Bacon – This is not an attack on bacon, its a delicious meat. One we all love. It can make or break a breakfast. BUT those people who are constantly bringing up bacon. Talking about how much better things are wrapped in bacon, buying bacon scented car fresheners. Lay off!! Everyone knows bacon is royalty. It doens’t need its horn tooted. There is nobody going ‘I dont about bacon, if only someone would tell more about it.’ Everyone loves it! It doesn’t need your endorsement. It doesnt need a parade. Stop talking about it!!

3) Star Wars – One of the most successful movie franchises of all time. They’ve been crushing it since 1977, and in those 40 it has accumulated a large and obnoxiously loyal fan base. Billions in ticket and merchandise sales. Conventions. Fan fiction. Even right now they are making Star Wars theme park that will open at Disneyland and Disney World. There is no missing a Star Wars nerd. They do not hide their fandom. Hell, there are people who claim Jedism as their religion. It doesn’t stop. It will never stop. There are still at least 4 more movies to come, including Episode 8 this December…and when that comes out, the world will revolve around it.

2) Saskatchewan Roughriders – They crack the top 2, based purely on the devastating number of texts that came in suggesting them. Its tricky, because when it comes to pro sports….the Riders are about where it starts and stops in the 306 (yes, they have the Rush now too) but people there hang on with everything they have. To levels that make no sense to anyone anywhere else. I mean the watermelon on the head thing? What’s that all about? Nobody knows. And it goes beyond the loud, boorish behavior  at games in Regina, these people travel everywhere the team goes…that is why Rider games in Edmonton are usually the busiest and drunkest ones. You can go to an Oiler/Blue Jacket game in January, and guaranteed there will be one guy wearing a Riders jersey and or hat. And lets not forget the obnoxious amount of merch people buy with the Riders logo. Name an item and its a guarantee that not only can you buy it with a Riders logo on it, but most people there already own it.

1) Crossfit – Hard to argue against this one. People who do Crossfit CAN NOT do so in silence. Its almost like its a law they have to talk about it. Its the opposite of Fight Club. Nobody has every wanted to know the details of your workout, and nobody ever will. Keep fit and have fun, but remember that the only person who cares you do Crossfit…is you. You know how to tell a Crossfitter is choking? They arent telling you they are into Crossfit.

Honourable Mention:
– Vegans (we consider it a lifestyle and not a fan base…otherwise it would be #1)
– Wrestling

– People Who Own Horses
– Vaping
– Rush
– Tattoos
– Cars/Trucks

– Bryce

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