On hot days like these, even your pupper needs to be treated to some cool relaxation. Head to Scona Pool (10450 72 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB) July 16 for just that!


From 12-4PM, bring your pooch and a minimum cash donation of $10/dog and they can go for a swim! All proceeds go to Zoe’s Animal Rescue.


Before you go, here’s what you’ve gotta know via Dog Swim


  1. All dogs must be vaccinated and have proof of vaccines upon request of staff. We require your dog have their DAP and Rabies vaccinations. We also recommend the Bordetella (kennel cough) vaccine.
  2.  There will be stairs for dogs
  3.  Pool is indoors and heated to 29 degrees
  4.  You are welcome to swim with your dog
  5. This is a CASH only event, All proceeds with go to Zoe’s Animal Rescue
  6. We recommend but do not require life jackets for this swim. Owners will have to bring their own canine life jackets if needed.
  7.  All dogs must be leashed until they get on the pool deck
  8.  Owners with aggressive dogs, or dogs who are aggressive around other animals or people should NOT participate in this event. 
  9. Management reserves the right to ask any owner or dog to leave should they become aggressive
  10. There will be NO chlorine in the pool for this event. Owners are welcome to swim with their dogs. However, because there is no chlorine in the pool, all swimming is at your own risk.


What did we do to deserve dogs?

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