Remember in June when the city announced that they were bringing in GOATS to fix our weed problem aka THE BEST CITY INITIATIVE EVER? Well, the goats have ARRIVED.



On Friday, 170 goats moved into Rundle Park. They, along with their shepherd, will be on site intermittently until September. Removing the lil’ trash compacters every once and a while allows weeds to grow back and flower so that the goats can eat them before they go to seed. The pilot project is part of the city’s initiative to reduce their use of herbicides.


Even better – the city will host meet and greets with the goats in August and September. 


Goat Tips 101 (via City of Edmonton):

  • The fence will be electrified with a gentle current to keep the goats from roaming away from the area. Keep your distance from the fence.
  • Don’t feed the goats! They have enough leafy spurge and other noxious weeds to munch on. We don’t want to spoil their appetite.
  • Please keep all your dogs on a leash in the area. There will be herding dogs off leash and working but they are trained to protect and herd the goats. They are very protective with their goats so they will bark at any strange dogs approaching the herd.


Getting some shade before they start their shift! #goatworks #yegparks

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Report any irresponsible goat viewing behaviour to staff on site or call 311.


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