BEST JOB EVER!  We talked to the goat shehperd in charge of goats in Edmonton at Rundle Park right now. Her name is Jeanette, and she gave us the lowdown on her “Kids” & what it’s like to herd a bunch of goats for a living.

Jeanette is spearheading the pilot project -where goats are in the city to help get rid of weeds.  Apparently today was the last day to see the goats for a bit (they’re going away to let the weeds grow back and will return in August).  However, Jeanette actually managed to get some goats to say hello to us, with the help of a little goat Bon Jovi music.


Take a listen:


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LISTEN: This City of Edmonton Goat Shepherd Got Goats to "BAAA" on the Radio & It's Pretty Much the Best

Originally Aired: July 19, 2017


PS – A few interesting footnotes about Jeanette:


If you’re wondering how she got her job, she said she was in environmental consulting for 10 years. Then she realized there was a niche for organic pest control – so she decided to give up her job – and bought a bunch of goats. Awesome, RIGHT?!!? –


ALSO – Jeanette told us that from eating such noxious weeds, sometimes the goats get gassy. So she gives them Baking Soda to help with… flatulence. I think I know a few people who could ALSO use this…. 


– Lauren Hunter