What’s your most IRRATIONAL fear? For listener Tasha, it’s Cotton Balls. Fluffy, soft cotton balls. So today she came in studio, and we made her face her touch some cotton.


Basically, inspired by Shark Week this week (and sharks being scary) we’ve started a segment called “Face Your Fears”. All week long you’ve texted your irrational fears into the show, and we’re getting some of you to come in and face your fears LIVE on the radio.


With Tasha, we gave her some cotton challenges including touching it & taking it out of a pill bottle.  Here’s how she handled it:

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LISTEN: We Made This Listener Face Her Crippling Fear of Cotton Balls... Live On the Radio!

Originally Aired: July 25, 2017


Tune in tomorrow @7pm when we get a listener to face her crippling fear of… Drive Thru’s. Seriously!

– Lauren Hunter